Thursday, October 2, 2008

Something Fishy

I was talking to a coworker recently when the conversation turned toward last night's supper. It turned out that he had had fish sticks. The way that he said it though was almost confessional. It was like he was apologizing or thinking longingly of some ideal supper that he missed out on for a few oblong battered fish pieces.

Admittedly, whenever I hear that we are going to have fish sticks it seems like I regress to about age 5. I have a tendency to whine and stamp my foot. But the funny thing is, once we sit down and eat them I always enjoy them. The anticipation of the fish sticks is far worse than the actual fish stick experience!

I am not sure what this little nugget (or fillet, if you will) of insight might mean for the rest of life as a whole, but I am pretty sure there is something there. Heck, some smart TV guy could probably get an entire Hallmark Sunday Night Movie out of it, or at least a Lifetime network movie. Does anybody know if the Mom from Family Ties is still working?


GGS said...


As the principle fishstick provider during your childhood, I'm glad to hear that those meals weren't so bad after all. I hope that co-worker doesn't start talking about meatloaf, though...

You're definitely on target about the anticipation generally being worse than the actual thing, no matter what the situation.

Your blog entries are great, very informative, interesting and insightful.


johnny said...

i disagree with the assessment that the anticipation of fishsticks is worse than the taste. The taste is definitely worse.

GGS said...

My somewhat unfortunate choice of in-words to compliment your blog was not meant to be flippant; I didn't even realize I'd done it until later.

In your Bailout posting, I really liked your point and reasoning that the stock market is not the economy. I had vaguely been trying to articulate a question about that to myself as I was watching CNN one day, but couldn't sort through the brain cobwebs to get there.

Now that the bailout legislation passed the House on its second time around, I'm hoping to read and understand more, but I'll certainly look forward to anything you have to say.

Thanks for your insights, and for your clear and personable style of writing.


Jeremy R. Shown said...

GGS - No problem, I love flippancy. If it wasn't for flippancy I wouldn't have any....ancy.

Also, did we have tartar sauce on the fish sticks? Did you make it or buy it?

Shelly makes it - I think it is just mayo and relish, but it is delicious (shelly made me say that). I can't believe it, but our kids eat it.

Johnny - I know that is not really you commenting since you don't believe in blogs. Obviously a lobbyist for the frozen chicken patty industry has infiltrated my blog.

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