Monday, February 16, 2009

Why NASCAR Will Never Replace Football

Since I wholeheartedly embrace all things related to my adopted home state of WI, I am glad that Kenseth won. But really, the future for a so-called sport with this many problems is seriously limited.

1. Their equivalent of the Super Bowl is the first event of the year. Does that make the rest of the season anti-climactic?

2. OK, so you want to have your premier event first? Fine. But finish it. I mean to declare a winner with almost one-quarter of the race remaining?

3. I realize part of the appeal is the wrecks, but when a driver that hasn't done much lately manages to wipe out a good sized percentage of the field, including the car that had been running the best, how does that add to the excitement? (Football was less exciting when Tom Brady went down, not more exciting because he got hurt.)

4. They only turn left, except for the road races, where they also zig-zag, but then they have to drive slow.

5. Oh yeah, and after tomorrow, the companies that make the cars might not be in business any longer.

See, I knew I could relate any blog post to the economic crisis. It's like a new twist on that Kevin Bacon game, Six Degrees of Government Bailout.

A co-worker of mine, who is a NASCAR enthusiast, once disparaged open-wheel racing in my presence because during the pit stops they only had to remove and replace one lug nut. Maybe if we do move to a more European style economy, we can learn to love European style racing too.

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Steve said...

You made my day with your hilarious
criticism of NASCAR. Did you get any tips from watching the race for the really big church derby tonight? I'll bet Wesley hopes you did.