Monday, March 2, 2009

Americans Idle

The Nielsen Company has issued a report stating that television viewing is at an "all time high" with Americans averaging 151 hours of viewing per month. This is about 5 hours per day. Looking at the television listings, I can't imagine what it is that people are watching during that time.

Until some reclusive billionaire, who just happens to be a cross between Stephen J. Cannell and a bond villain, starts a pirate TV station originating from his tropical island lair with programming that consists almost entirely of The A-Team, Murder She Wrote, Buck Rogers, Family Ties, and Match Game 78, I am in no danger of joining the 5-hour club.

Of course, I can't stand to miss the Sunday morning political talk shows. The appeal of which is completely lost on my wife. (I tried to tell her about the verbal sparring between Karl Rove and Katrina vanden Heuvel on This Week, but to no avail.)

As I have noted before, though, I haven't seen the Soprano's even once. Maybe I am missing something great on TV, but I doubt it.


Your Lovely Wife said...

You are missing one good show! :)

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Now you're talkin in a language I can unnerstand. Thanks for dummin' it down for me Jer!

You seriously watched Murder That Old Goat? I'm speechless.

Jeremy R. Shown said...

To My Lovely Wife: I must have 'Lost' it somewhere along the way.

Cedarview (can I use your real name?): Yes I watched Murder She Wrote and I still maintain that show had appeal beyond the 'Fixodent and Forget It' crowd, but evidence of this is lacking. And I know that your personal station would include three hour blocks of 'Heroes'.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Save the cheerleader....