Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feingold and Ryan Walk the Line (Item)

Senator Feingold and Representative Ryan published an Op-Ed arguing for a line item veto as a means of curbing government spending. Aside from the potential constitutional issues this type of provision may entail, this initially seemed like a good idea to me. But then there's this:
If the president could remove egregious earmarks, we could save billions in taxpayer money.
If the spending is so egregious, then Congress should stop it. Even if it doesn't rise to the level of egregiousness, but is merely wasteful or simply not useful Congress should still stop it.

For Congress to rely on the president, any president, to save it from its own bad habits is ridiculous and an abdication of its responsibility under our system of government.

A Republican, especially, should be wary of reliance on such a scheme. If the federal government is not a cure-all for personal irresponsibility, why would it be such for Congressional irresponsibility.

I respectfully suggest that Feingold and Ryan re-examine their position on this issue and then advocate for sensible government spending without calling on the executive to bail them out.

It's high time the first branch of government started living up to its billing.


johnny said...

Jeff Flake for ruler of everything in 2012. I couldnt disagree more with him on most things but on pork he is spot on. HE'd veto this omnibus bill faster than Speaker Pelosi was jumping from her chair during the President's address to Congress.

Steve said...

The Arizona Republic also listed the pork that Arizona legilators (basically Pastor, Mitchell, and Grihalva (Dems)are requesting to be included in the bill. Most of it is for light rail extension. On a bill such as this and at a time such as this I cannot see any justification for this kind of action by any congressman. Makes me ashamed to be a democrat. Shame on these congressmen!

Jeremy R. Shown said...

You guys better watch out, you are starting to sound like Republicans......must be the heat!

Joe B said...

Jerry, as you pointed out, the Republicans are no better on spending. How much did they reduce government during their ownership of the Congress and Executive branches?

Jeremy R. Shown said...


You're right about the Republicans, but what do we do? Vote for Ron Paul?

I don't have the answer to this, so if you do, let me know.