Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Branch or Worst Branch?

If you haven't seen it already, Megan McArdle at The Atlantic has a post up entitled Maxine Waters brings the crazy.

It is a clip of Congresswoman Waters' questioning of Treasury Secretary Geithner, which is rambling and, at times, bewildering.

Perhaps Ms. Waters is a nice lady. Perhaps she brings government money to her district like no one else and the people there are greatly appreciative of her efforts. On the other hand, the rest of the country has to endure her service in the congress.

I submit that the United States would, on the whole, be better off if we sent a check to her district in exchange for the promise to keep her home and off Capitol Hill. They could keep electing her and as long as they didn't let her leave the district, we would keep sending the checks.

McArdle says, "she seems to get all of her questions off of the fringier conspiracy sites." I don't know if this is true, but I am sure we would be better off if she would just yield her time and start a blog to promulgate her theories about the "linkages" and the "connections". Who knows, she might be happier too.


johnny said...

Ms. Waters cant even hold a candle to the mucho wacko congresswoman michelle bachman of minnesota. That woman took two or three helpings when she passed the crazy table.

johnny said...

Between her constant questioning of the President's patriotism(seriously) and her McCarthyish sounding call for investigations of just which members of the congress are UnAmerican this womans brand of lunacy is scary. Her hypocrisy is plainly evident when she rails against earmarks but has some inserted in the budget. I call on the people of the great state of Minnesota not to vote her out of office but to keep her around because she is always good for a laugh

Jeremy R. Shown said...


The link I put in the first time was wrong, but i fixed it (i think) so go watch it.

I kept waiting for Geithner to ask Barney Frank to rescue him. It was painful, but utterly watchable.

Jeremy R. Shown said...


too much rage for one comment so you had to double up (or down)?

OK bachman is crazy, but so is waters.

Uh, great state of minnesota? This is Wisconsin man. At least you didn't say ill-uh-noize [i kid my upper midwest neighbors -ed.]