Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tundra Tea Party

I know there is at least one regular reader of this blog that was very interested in the Green Bay Tea Party that was scheduled for yesterday.

I didn't go, but Berry Laker did. Click the link and check out the pics. It looks like they had a very good turnout.

Luckily, the weather was nice yesterday. Looking out the window today, I'm not sure if this is even Green Bay or if I have unwittingly been transported to the Ice Planet Hoth.


Steve said...

Sorry, but Barry Laker's pictures and comments look and sound a little like 1933 Germany when Hitler's thugs were walking the streets of Berlin in gangs, too cowardly to participate in individual debate or dialogue. The only thing missing from this "tea party" were some racist signs saying "keep our fatherland strong and pure" (like it was in 2003 before we occupied Iraq, our Poland). They, too, had the police's protection and "thumbs up". It was the economy and joblessness then, too, that was causing the unrest. Are we going to go down the same road as they did and destroy ourselves through aggressive and reactionary acts?
Or are we going to try to solve our problems rationally through what President Obama said "finding and using what works"? I find the latter much more reasonable.

Joe B said...

"finding and using what works"?!!! That's funny! Let me know when they "find" it. Because I doubt the government has the courage to implement it.