Monday, April 20, 2009


No, not the ones where all food comes fried and served on a stick while some guy who managed to get past the background check snaps a metal bar over the laps of teenagers as they snap their gum and giggle nervously knowing they are about to be hurled around on a creaking hunk of rusty metal which may or may not have been inspected for safety at any point since the Reagan administration.

Not that kind.

The blog kind.

RWC blog was featured on the Carnival of the Capitalists - 4-20-2009 edition linked here. CotC is hosted on Bizosphere. You can find the home page here.

Go check it out. Be sure and take a look at the entry called: Average person’s tax dollars graphically -it's where your tax money goes on a roll--of toilet paper.

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Steve said...

Was not able to locate your featured blog, but checked out where our tax money goes and was very un-surprised: We are one huge military-industrial complex; have been for 60 years and there is not stopping it.