Friday, April 17, 2009

Extremist threat double standard?

In response to my earlier post on the DHS memo warning of right wing extremists at the tea party protests, commenter johnny writes:
When the report came out earlier this month warning law enforcement agencies of the dangers of left wing terrorists no one said as much as boo
I think that is exactly the point. No one used the fact that some left wing extremist group exists to try and silence those opinion peddlers that happen to be on the left end of the mainstream.

Let's say the report contained a dire warning about a plan by the group Monkeys First! to release a biological agent at a certain Florida theme park in order to advance their ultimate goal of turning the southeastern United States into a giant monkey habitat.

Now I don't believe for one second that the exposure of this dastardly plot would cause a single person to call for Keith Olbermann to stop his nightly harangue against a Republican occupant of the White House, or to say that Barney Frank is insane, or advocate for the Huffington Post to be shut down.

But, just because some guy goes to a gun show and spends his weekends burying piles of MRE's in strategic locations throughout the desert surrounding his American southwest city home, the calls come fast and furious that Glenn Beck ought be removed from the air, Fox news should be shut down and Michelle Bachmann needs to be muzzled.

I say let Beck, Bachmann, Frank, and Olbermann be judged insane on their own merits, slight as they may be. Using the existence of right wing extremists as a way to tear down those that are right of center is no way engage in a productive debate.

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johnny said...

As i understand it the case against monkeys first fell apart when one of the members was discovered to be an FBI informant who was attempting to entrap the radical thinking, but operationally incompetent monkeys. PS: I dont really care one way or the other if Glenn Beck goes away as long as he stops crying on tv.