Monday, July 27, 2009

Wisconsin Eighth Congressional District (WI-8)

The Sitemeter has shown several hits lately from folks searching on Wisconsin's eighth congressional district (guess it's never too early), so I thought I would put up some helpful links.

As of today, the OpenCongress Racetracker for WI-8 shows three Republican and one Democratic declared candidates. The Republicans are:
  • Marc Savard - Savard for Congress
  • Reid Ribble - Ribble for Congress
  • Andy Williams - All I could find was Andy Williams on the Brown County Board site, so I'll link that. Memo to anyone from the Williams campaign: Do you have a website yet? I realize it is early, but I think that would be the minimum from day one of the campaign. I tried several variations on a google search, but couldn't find anything.
The lone Democrat is the current congressman, Steve Kagen. Here is Kagen4Congress, and The Official website for Representative Steve Kagen.

I contacted Kagen's Green Bay office today to see if they had any plans to hold public events during the August recess. They indicated that nothing firm had been set at this time.

Issues affecting the WI-8 are covered regularly on this blog and there is also good coverage at Lakeshore Laments.

If anybody has any additional links they would like me to include, email them to me.

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