Monday, September 21, 2009

Candidate Andy Williams

Andy Williams is a Brown County Supervisor, and a Republican candidate for the Wisconsin 8th Congressional District seat currently held by Steve Kagen.

Last week Williams was the guest at the Outagamie County Republican Women's meeting in Appleton where he took a few minutes to introduce himself then took questions from the audience for about an hour.

Williams is a graduate of Marquette Law School and he served in the United States Navy. He spoke with pride when he discussed his Navy service and it was obvious from his demeanor that this is a period of his life that he looks back on with fond memories. It seemed that Williams tries to maintain an upbeat outlook, even when life is difficult, and he kept a smile on his face even while discussing some trying personal circumstances that he has gone through in his life.

When asked about his top issue, Williams indicated that it is his belief that America is second to none, and that politicians should work to maintain and enhance this reputation.

When it comes to philosophy of governance, Williams advocated for what he called "subordination" - the idea that decisions should be pushed down to the lowest level of government possible (our Catholic friends may recognize this as subsidiarity). Williams said, "decisions need to be more local."

In discussing particulars, the question of education came up, about which Williams said there was no issue, "more local than education." He advocated for getting the federal government out of education.

With the wide range of issues on voter's minds these days, there were some that weren't addressed directly during the discussion such as taxes. The Andy Williams for Congress website, however, does have detailed information about Williams' positions on many issues.

On taxes he advocates for a national sales tax:
The American worker cannot continue allowing the government to blind them to the true cost of their employment. That's why I am a proponent of the FairTax.
On health care:
I cannot advocate any solution that puts the central government into the market in competition with insurance companies. Instead reform must target those areas central to the runaway nature of medical costs. At the top of the list is Tort Reform and the litany of unnecessary tests run by doctors in their attempt to avoid a costly malpractice allegation.
The election is now a little over one year away. The three declared Republican candidates all seem to be taking those first steps toward their ultimate goal of the nomination. Williams admitted that he was fired up now, but would probably have to wait until the spring for campaigning to really get going.

While Representative Kagen was battered throughout the month of August, it is no sure thing that he will be defeated. I believe that the Democratic national leadership looks at WI-8 as competitive, even tough, but as still within their reach. It will take a smart, unified, and vigorous Republican response to defeat Kagen and the Democratic party's wrongheaded policy prescriptions. It remains to be seen if Williams will be the candidate to lead that response.

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