Monday, September 28, 2009

New Twist on the Roudabout

From the Green Bay Press Gazette:
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation plans a gated roundabout at the intersection of PDQ Drive, Mid Valley Drive and Scheuring Road, making room for long trailers coming from Robinson Metal 1740 Eisenhower Drive, to fit through the intersection. The state is finalizing details of the plan.

A few times a month, trucks with loads measuring more than 100 feet leave Robinson, according to DOT project manager Chad DeGrave. The single-lane roundabout planned for the intersection couldn't handle that size truck and trailer, he said.
This location is basically at Scheuring Road and US41 in West De Pere.While we have had roundabouts for a few years here in De Pere, we don't have one with a gate in it.

I like the roundabouts, but I think this is a minority position. While I don't think they cut down on congestion, I like the fact that unless there is a moderate traffic, you don't have to even stop at the intersection. Waiting at a light or coming to a complete stop when there is no one else around always seems like such a waste.

Roundabouts have become something of punching bag in Brown County. Their use has increased in recent years and the people that don't like them, really don't like them and are quite vocal about it. I can understand how older drivers might be hesitant to use these since they are unfamiliar with them. But for most of us there really is no excuse.

Of course some of this ire is really just residual bad feelings left over from the proposed changes to Green Bay's Military Avenue. Those plans included what seemed like way too many roundabouts, even for someone who is supportive of their use like me.

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