Saturday, October 17, 2009

Successful Blogs Have Links

Stimulus jobs cost $533,000 each!

Ten tips for bloggers- "…and worrying about speling and grammer is overreighted."

How many miles per rabbit? Bunnies as fuel in Sweden.

Bipartisan Burgers - The Weekly Standard stops at In-N-Out

Radio is a sad salvation:


Cindy Kilkenny said...

Radio is a SOUND salvation! And the first time Elvis Costello pulled that trick is one of my favorite tv moments ever. However, Mr. Costello's desire to mix politics and music have kept me to his recorded work only the last few years.

Darn shame, too. He was always a good show.

johnny said...

Finally, an article in the weekly standard i can agree with. In N Out is far and away the best burger chain in the land. If Macdonalds and BK and wendys knew what was good for them they would quit making burgers and go into the gyro business because they will never be able to compete with in n out's mastery of all things cheeseburger. There are 19 locations in AZ and i am well on my way to enjoying a double double in all of them. Cool SNL clip, too.

Jeremy R. Shown said...

Thanks Cindy - but just a little joke of mine :)

I was a pop radio junkie as a kid in the early 80's, but I'm dubious about the saving power of Def Lepard's "Photograph", Eddie Grant's "Electric Avenue" and the Dr. Demento show.

Do you know the story behind the original Costello interruption? Was it a planned stunt or something spontaneous?

Jeremy R. Shown said...


How do you order it? I'm curious about all the lingo.

Johnny said...

I order my double double(two patties, two slices cheese and bun) with spread(a thousand island like sauce), lettuce and pickles only. One can also have grilled or raw onion and tomatoes. Additionally there is also what is called animal style which involves the grilled onions and tomatoes but the patties are fried in mustard. Joe likes them that way. The place is like a cult, but in a good way.