Thursday, October 8, 2009

You know that joke about two seasons in Wisconsin?

Well if you don't, the two seasons are winter!

It appears that portions of Brown and Winnebago Counties are actually going to be down to just one season, and it ain't winter. From the website
US 41 is a 200-mile stretch of highway connecting two crucial economic regions in Wisconsin: southeastern Wisconsin and the Fox Valley. Work on the US 41 Project will span over 17 miles of highway in Winnebago County from 2009-2016, and 14 miles in Brown County from 2010-2016. The project includes: traffic lanes expanded from four to six-ten lanes; 13 interchanges reconstructed; 16 interchanges improved, with 13 of those interchanges completely rebuilt; 44 roundabouts added; 17 traffic cameras installed; and an eight-lane Lake Butte des Morts Causeway. This project represents a significant step forward for Wisconsin and its economy.
I don't travel 41 to or from work, but I know many people who do. I am also smart enough to stay away from 41 on game day, but I have been in heavy traffic on 41 northbound on the night before opening day of deer season.

It sounds like this is something those of us in this area will have to get used to. If you live up here, or are just interested, follow the link above and be sure to check out the gallery page. It has some graphics of the revised highway including the cross streets and the roundabouts.

The Press Gazette has coverage here. They include a slide show of the design options for the bridges.

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