Monday, December 21, 2009

Blogs vs. Big Brother

Julian Sanchez at Cato discusses a Pew poll that finds more people think that "Increased surveillance/security" has been a change for the better than "Internet blogs".

First, are there any blogs other than "internet" blogs? I'm not really sure what exactly the purpose of that modifier was.

Second, to those who answered blogs have been a change for the worse, or haven't made much difference, I can only ask: What blogs are you reading?

I really doubt that anyone who spends time on well-written blogs would have such an opinion. I would think this was even (especially?) true if you read well done blogs that come to conclusions with which you disagree.

Sanchez makes a sensible point about why we probably shouldn't get too concerned over the high polling of the surveillance state, but adds a cautionary note about its negative effects being largely invisible even though they are real.

So the next time you take a break from worrying about the creeping surveillance state, go read some good blogs like these: Fairly Conservative (hurry, before its too late!), Marginal Revolution, Matthew Yglesias, Lakeshore Laments, Illusory Tenant, Dad29, Waxing America, Cognitive Dissidence, Fox Politics.

H/T Yglesias

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