Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kagen oblivious to implications of Brown victory

From the WisPolitics DC Wrap:
Dem U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen says he feels no threat from the results of yesterday's Massachusetts election because he is an outsider like Sen.-elect Scott Brown.

"I am confident, I am on their side." Kagen said of his constituents. "I think anyone would be happy for the people of Massachusetts because their viewpoints will now be expressed. It is upon Senator Brown to carry out the will of the people."
I'm glad the author clarified exactly whom Kagen was referring to when he said he was on "their side." First, since Kagen has a history of holding fundraisers featuring the Boston Red Sox, I thought maybe he was talking about the people of Massachusetts. Second, I simply don't believe that a majority of people in Wisconsin's 8th district feel that Kagen is on their side.

Not long ago the subject of health care came up during a discussion with some acquaintances. People whom I know personally, but do not regularly discuss politics with. One of the people in the group had no hesitation stating that she thought Kagen simply did not care what his constituents thought and that it came to votes and stances on issues he simply did whatever he felt like. She said this in such a matter-of-fact tone that it struck me as quite damning.

It's really hard to argue with this assessment when Kagen says the health care bill, "is a good bill and keeps getting better." Perhaps Kagen hasn't seen the polling data (the RCP average has the bill being opposed 49 to 40) or perhaps he simply doesn't put much stock in the opinions of his constituents.

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