Friday, February 19, 2010

The C in CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is happening this week, but from the reports I've heard, I can't help but wonder if the first 'C' should stand for confused, rather than conservative.

First, we have new MA Senator Scott Brown receiving a warm welcome. The only problem is that Brown's not much of a conservative, as Wisconsin's own Lance Burri pointed out a few short weeks ago:
He's pro-choice. He voted for a regional version of Cap-and-Trade. He voted for RomneyCare – an early version of what we now call ObamaCare.

Three big strikes, where conservatives are concerned.
Apparently those aren't strikes with the particular group of conservatives at CPAC.

Next, we have former V.P. Dick Cheney receiving what can only be described as a hero's welcome. What, exactly, has Cheney done that brings him such enthusiasm? Pat Buchanan reminds us:
[Former Senator Alan] Simpson is right in his assertion that anti-tax Republicans went along with George W. Bush’s spending spree — for two wars, prescription drug benefits under Medicare and No Child Left Behind.
Cheney was, of course, the number two man during this spending spree. No doubt he would prefer to be remembered primarily for the two wars, but even still, what conservatives find to applaud in this record is simply lost on me.

Maybe I should wait and reserve judgment until Wisconsin's CPAC insider tells me I'm all wrong, the dream is still alive, and being conservative means something more than adopting whatever stances are most likely to result in electoral success.

For now though confusion reigns and the chances for clarity are anything but certain.

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