Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kagen recognized as a genius.

The Press Gazette reports that Representative Kagen has proposed some a change to the Obama healthcare plan:
WASHINGTON — Rep. Steve Kagen introduced legislation Thursday aimed at fixing what he said was the lone flaw in President Barack Obama's health-care proposal.

Kagen's Transparency in All Health Care Pricing Act would require any business or individual offering health-care-related services or products to openly disclose all their prices, including on the Internet....

Ultimately, Kagen said, the transparency would foster greater competition and lower premium costs. "When was the last time you bought something without knowing the price?" said Kagen, who is a physician.
I'm for price transparency, the problem is that the Obama plan cements in place our current system of employer-based, first-dollar health insurance coverage. While publishing prices will put some downward pressure on them, the fact that employers and not individuals continue to be the ones doing the shopping will tend to counteract this pressure.

While that's a great point, here's a better one by commenter runningphantom on the PG website:
With 2300 pages of healthcare jargon Mr. Kagen can find the "one lone flaw". The man is a genius!!

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