Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WI-8 Fundraising Numbers

Since tonight's 8th district candidate forum was cancelled*, I thought I would put up the current fundraising numbers.

This information is from The site had zeroes in for Stern, Williams, and Thomas, so that is why they do not appear on the screen shot.

I've been following the race pretty carefully, and I have to say the biggest surprise in these numbers has to be the $50,000 that Marc Trager reported. His candidacy has been the least talked about, and yet he raised almost as much as Roth, who was viewed by some as the first "real choice" to enter the race.

For those who are surprised at just how big Kagen's fundraising numbers are, it is important to know that over $450,000 of his receipts have come from Political Action Committees (PAC's). Much of it from organized labor PAC's.

*It's rescheduled for next Tuesday, the 16th. Check out the N.E.W. Patriots for details.


Lane said...

Thanks for the numbers Jeremy. I don't think the GOP candidates can match Kagen with spending, certainly not while there are so many of them. I'm hoping a few will read the writing on the wall and for the good of winning the seat, drop out and let the best man have the resource it'll take to challenge Kagen

Jeremy R. Shown said...


Care to share your thoughts on which candidates ought to read the writing on the wall?