Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dept. of Unintended Consequences ARRA Edition

Via Senatus:

A group of “Democratic senators is urging the Obama administration to suspend an economic stimulus program aimed at financing renewable energy, complaining that money is going to projects that are creating jobs in foreign countries,” the AP reports.

The four senators, led by Chuck Schumer of New York, wrote to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Tuesday to request a moratorium on the Recovery Act program. They asked that the moratorium remain in place until they can pass legislation mandating stimulus aid flow only to projects which preserve and create U.S. jobs.

"A critical Recovery Act priority is investment in the domestic renewable and clean energy industry, not investment in foreign manufacturers," the senators wrote in the letter...
Please keep this episode in mind over the next few weeks. As the healthcare debate draws to a conclusion, the claim that "if you like your current healthcare, you will get to keep it," is likely to be quite loud.

The fact of the matter is that it is really hard to predict the outcome of having 500 people get together and make changes to something as big and diverse as the U.S. healthcare system.

You don't have to believe that the President, or anyone else, is lying when they tell you this reform won't change your current healthcare. Humankind has an almost limitless capacity for self-delusion. This capacity is particularly pronounced in those that choose to ignore how fundamentally flawed we, and they, all are.

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