Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Problem with the Republican Party

Paul Ryan has been getting a lot of press lately and has become something of a national spokesman for the Republican Party. When I read this criticism of Ryan, it neatly encapsulated just what is wrong with the GOP as a whole in my mind:
The Wisconsin congressman’s latest proposals may seem like austerity measures, but let’s be honest: they’re austerity measures proposed for a Democratic government. With a Republican in the White House, would you want to wager on Ryan humming the same tune?
That's Daniel McCarthy of The American Conservative Magazine. In the course of three paragraphs pointing out the faults of a critique from the Left, McCarthy savages the GOP:
We have the GOP to thank, after all, for wage and price controls under Nixon; the Americans With Disabilities Act under Bush I; and two wars, No Child Left Behind, the prescription-drug benefit for Medicare, and the bank bailouts under Bush II. Yet all the propagandists insist this is the anti-government party.
Think you're a small-government type? Go read the whole thing.

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Paul said...

Interesting post Jerry. One of my favorite commentators/authors/cultural icons is Bill Bennett. He is a huge supporter of Paul Ryan. However, while I agree 90% of the time with Bennett I think he was wrong to support the bailouts. I tend to really like Ron Paul on these economic issues and his true support of less government. I am a libertarian through and through and so it is easier for me to distance myself from Republicans or Democrats and stand on principle, not party. Keep up the good work.