Monday, April 26, 2010

Steve Kagen Says You'll Love Health Reform in 2014

During a meeting regarding health care, Congressman Steve Kagen heard from some small business owners that aren't happy with the new law. Kagen offered this response as reported by Fox 11:

"There's a great deal of confusion it'll take time to understand what's in the new health care law," said Kagen. "And when small business takes a look at it they're going to like what they're going to see."...

"That's why it doesn't really kick in until 2014 it gives everyone an opportunity to see what's in it for them," explained Kagen.[E.A.]

What's that joke about a gaffe in Washington being when a politician tells you the truth by accident?

Unable to provide any kind of coherent case for the recently enacted legislation, is Kagen actually admitting that the law was designed to simply hand out goodies to voters. Voters who would then presumably be even more reliant on the federal government, and the Democrats more particularly, to maintain their standard of living?

An alternative to such blatant pandering would be for the congressman to explain the law and its costs and benefits in a persuasive manner. The fact that he didn't leads me to conclude that either the law is so complex that such an explanation is impossible, there really isn't much to the law beyond handouts designed to increase reliance on the government, or that Kagen simply isn't up to the task. Note that these are not mutually exclusive and may all three be at work in this instance.

What is clear is that with continued statements like these, by the time we understand what's in it for us in 2014, Steve Kagen will have been out of office for nearly four years.


Joe said...

What you'lll love in 2014!!!!
The new federal healthcare law will impact all Americans with threats of fines and unprecedented federal intervention in regulating the insurance industry, health professionals, and even the family. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the reconciliation bill are just a framework to be filled in as bureaucrats add regulations to the new law. “There’s no smoking gun. It’s a cocked pistol that’ll be fired when the regulations come down,” Most people “apparently haven’t noticed the fact that this is a program to reach down into every home.” Here’s the impact in brief:

Doctors and Healthcare Professionals
• Pay squeeze: Creates greater dependence upon shrinking government Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements. The bill does nothing to stop recent reimbursement cuts.
• More regulations: Dozens of additional government forms and regulations to follow.

Small Businesses (50 employees or more)
• $2,000 per-employee fine: Companies will be fined for not offering health insurance by 2014. (Section 1513)
• $3,000 fine: Employers must subsidize health insurance for employees who earn up to 400 percent of the poverty level. Employers who fail to do so will be fined $3,000 per incident. (Section 1513)
• File more reports to the federal government: Companies must detail the coverage they offer. (Section 1514)
• Menu nutritional labeling: All restaurants (not just those with at least 50 employees) and vending machines will have to provide nutritional information. (Section 4205)

• Federal manipulation of the insurance market: Federal officials will “make recommendations, as appropriate, to the State Exchange about whether particular health insurance issuers should be excluded from participation in the Exchange based on a pattern or practice of excessive or unjustified premium increases.” (Section 2794)
• Require government approval before increasing premiums: The law “shall require health insurance issuers to submit to the Secretary and the relevant State a justification for an unreasonable premium increase prior to the implementation of the increase.” (Section 1003)
• Sets executive salaries: Determines maximum salary of $500,000 per year beginning in 2012. (Section 9014)

Individuals and Families
• Meddling in your home: Billions of dollars fund new programs for “home visitation” and other grant-created agencies designed to manage your and your children’s weight, eating habits, exercise routine, and other lifestyle habits — all in the name of controlling healthcare costs to the federal government.
• Fine for noncompliance: By 2016, those who don’t purchase government-approved private health insurance will be assessed $750 on their income tax. (Section 5000A)
• Higher private health insurance premiums: As the financial squeeze is put on doctors and insurers owing to losses on Medicare/Medicaid patients, the costs for other patients can be expected to rise. Should government respond by requiring below-market reimbursements for all patients, an exodus of qualified doctors will occur and rationing of healthcare services can be expected.
• Medicare/Medicaid patients may have more trouble seeing the doctors of their choice: How can it be otherwise when doctors are forced to accept below-market reimbursements for Medicare/Medicaid patients?

So ENJOY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Joe. Kagen is a political hack in lockstep with Pelosi and the Chicago thugs that now control us from DC. God Bless America!