Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gore Declares Threat from Sea Level Rise is Over

At least that's what his behavior is saying:

It is reported that former Vice President Al Gore just purchased a villa in Montecito, California for $8.875 million. The exact address is not revealed, but Montecito is a relatively narrow strip bordering the Pacific Ocean. So its minimum elevation above sea level is 0 feet, while its overall elevation is variously reported at 50ft and 180ft.

At the same time, Mr. Gore prominently sponsors a campaign and award-winning movie that warns that, due to Global Warming, we can expect to see nearby ocean-front locations, such as San Francisco, largely under water. The elevation of San Francisco is variously reported at 52ft up to high of 925ft. is impossible for a rational person to both believe in imminent rise of sea levels and purchase ocean-front property with their own money, as Mr. Gore has just done.

That's from Sub Specie Æternitatis. (H/T The Big Questions)

Maybe the whole thing was an elaborate rouse to depress the prices of oceanfront property, and now that Gore's got his, he will tell us what he really thinks about global warming.

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Dad29 said...

I've been to Montecito.

It is absolutely spectacular.

We're only $8.05 million short of buying out there, but would if we could.