Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The American Conservative » The Senate Jumps the Shark

Senators aren’t asking tough questions, and Kagan isn’t providing penetrating answers. But who could have guessed how quickly the proceedings would devolve from mere theater into farce? After Kagan indicated she was a leading legal mind who apparently had no political views whatsoever, and not much more in the way of judicial philosophy, Senator Amy Klobuchar asked her to take a stand on the really contentious issue of our era: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

The question, by the way, came from Senator Klobuchar of Minnesota. I'll resist the urge to make a joke at the expense of our neighbors to the west and say that I can only surmise she feels the need to be jocular at hearings in order to keep up with the other Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken.

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