Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Economics of Packer Tickets

From the Press Gazette (H/T Fox Politics)
From a purely economic standpoint, the fact that the Packers have an 81,000-person season-ticket waiting list indicates tickets could be priced much higher.

"Obviously, they are priced below the market," said Stephen Happel, professor in the W.P. Carey College of Business at Arizona State University....

Happel attributes underpricing of tickets for professional sports to several factors. He said team owners like to create a sense of demand for their product, and in the Packers' case, "There is also a strong sense among Upper Midwesterners about fairness in pricing."
Fairness in pricing? I thought we were just trying to keep from filling Lambeau with people from Chicago who happen to have money. That's what Door County is for.

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