Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kagen's High Priced Earmarks

Jo Egelhoff at Fox Politics gives us the rundown on campaign contributions and earmarks from two of Wisconsin's Democratic congressmen

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Obey’s total earmarks for fiscal year 2010 were $77.6M, Kagen’s, $17.8M. However, both men set aside $4.8M in earmarks that benefited an organization from which they received campaign contributions. That means of the earmarks each man successfully sponsored or co-sponsored, 6% of Obey’s went to campaign contributors and 27% of Kagen’s earmarks went to campaign contributors.

The total contributions received from corporations benefiting from the Obey and Kagen earmarks were $3,250 and $6,500 respectively.

Relative to Kagen, Obey earmarks were half price in 2010.  Sounds like price gouging to me.  

Seriously, if you live in NE Wiscsonsin, go read the whole thing.  There's an election in less than five months 

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