Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marc Trager Drops out of Race for WI-8CD

GOP candidate Marc Trager today announced he was leaving the race for Wisconsin's 8th congressional district seat due to health concerns and that he was endorsing candidate Roger Roth. From the press release:
After much deliberation and council from my family and physician, I have decided to withdraw from the 8th District Congressional race due to health concerns,” said Dr. Trager. “I am confident we would have been successful in November, but the physical strain of the campaign trail has caused me to step back and evaluate my priorities....

Over the past eight months, I have gotten to know Roger well, and I feel that his knowledge, character, and values are what the people of Northeast Wisconsin need,” said Dr. Trager
Trager was a serious candidate and had previously surprised me with some larger than expected fundraising numbers. Obviously, this is a boost to the Roth campaign.

By my count, this leaves five candidates remaining in the race: Ribble, Roth, Savard, McCormick, Williams.

Kerry Thomas confirmed to me in an email, he was no longer a candidate. He is a supporter of Terri McCormick.

I'm not sure how active Andy Williams' campaign is. The domain name for his campaign website appears to have switched to unrelated advertising, but he was still mentioned as a candidate on the WPR report I heard today.

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Roger Roth has some interesting views on the Constitution