Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Terri McCormick Endorsed by a Class Action Lawsuit

Terri McCormick, GOP candidate for Wisconsin's 8th congressional district today announced the following endorsement:
APPLETON, Wisconsin – The PeopleV.US has endorsed Terri McCormick in the Republican primary for the 8th Congressional District.

The principles and values that McCormick represents have attracted the attention and support of the PeopleV.US – a national constitutional group comprised of citizen leaders who are determined to hold lawmakers accountable to their words and actions.
On its website PeopleV.US is described as:
an organization set up by Attorneys, Political Consultants, and Marketing professionals. We have seen from the inside the destructive goals of those who lead this country. We are ready to put our jobs on the line, to defend our Country through court proceedings. The Constitution of the United States is our authority, and we will work diligently to remove from office ANYONE regardless of party that attempts any legislation in violation of the Constitution.
The main thrust of their activity appears to be a class action lawsuit against Obama's health reform, claiming that it violates "60% of the Bill of Rights."

I'm all for supporting the constitution and have serious doubts about the health reform, and I'm glad that Terri does too. I'm just not sure that an endorsement by a group without substantial ties to the district and whose main purpose is to oppose a single piece of legislation through a class action lawsuit is really all that meaningful.

Contrast this endorsement with a recent endorsement announced by rival candidate Reid Ribble:
Robert Keller, Chairman and CEO of J. J. Keller & Associates, endorsed Reid Ribble’s campaign for Congress today. Keller heads one of the largest safety and regulatory compliance firms in the nation. J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is based in Wisconsin.
While Bob Keller may not be a name well known to many in WI-8, an endorsement from a business owner with ties to the state seems more likely to have an impact than the one that McCormick is highlighting.


Anonymous said...

Too funny...Terri gets an endorsement from a group of lawyers and political activist and marketing "professionals" that filed a class action suit against ObamaCare. From what I've seen from her announcements, other than an editor of a small newspaper up north, she has no endorsements from inside the district. Most of her donations listed on her FEC report are listed as "anonymous"

Reid Ribble gets another endorsement from outside the district JJ Keller is located in the 6th CD) and 80% of his money comes from roofing contractors from outside not only the district, but the state.

Know who and where they get their support before you pull the lever.

Kerry Thomas said...

You might also recall that Terri has received endorsements from Terry Kohler and Bob Dohnal, as well as a few grassroots Conservative organizations in Wisconsin. This is just one more "tea party"-esque organization of people who've had enough and are actually doing something about it.

Anonymous said...


You mean Terry Kohler from Kohler, WI which is in Sheboygan County and Bob Dohnel of Wauwatosa?

Then there is you Kerry, you live in Sussex.

All three of you live outside the district yet want to influence who represents us.

Why does Terri get all kinds of support from outside the district? They don't know her like we do here.

It's a choice between who the district wants vs outside interests.