Thursday, July 22, 2010

DCCC Will Advertise in Support of Steve Kagen

DCCC buys time in 40 districts - Alex Isenstadt -
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has invested approximately $28 million worth of television air time to defend vulnerable incumbents running for reelection this fall, a senior Democratic official confirmed to POLITICO.

The television buys represent the first and second waves of Democratic advertising, the official said, and offer an early look at the districts where the party plans to focus its resources....

Here’s the full list of Democratic incumbents who the DCCC plans run ads in support of:  ...and Wisconsin Rep. Steve Kagen.

I guess all that PAC money just isn't enough. I really wish I knew which of the four GOP candidates Kagen fears the most.

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Dale said...

He's been putting out press releases criticizing Roth's Assembly votes, so I guess it's him.