Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mikey Likes It, but Todd Doesn't.

I just can't do it... - Party of KNOW
I just can't do it...

Every once in awhile, I'm tempted to click the 'like' button for the Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin. Then I remember that these are the guys that have endorsed both Terri McCormick and Mark Neumann.

...and then I just can't do it. Click the 'like' button that is...
Todd Lohenry just can't bring himself to 'like' the RLC of Wisconsin, and if you check out the comments of his post, you'll find that they aren't too sad to not have him on board.  Oh well.

For my part, I'll just say that I'm not convinced that McCormick and Neumann are really similar enough to lump together like that.

As far as the endorsements go, RLC of Wisconsin Vice Chair Aaron Biterman also serves in an official capacity with the McCormick campaign.  A fact that I would encourage everyone to keep in mind when considering the RLC endorsement of McCormick.


D said...

The RLC endorsement of McCormick relates to the fact that she is the only libertarian in the race for the 8th district. No one else holds the same stances as her.

Or is there someone else who espouses Liberty as well as McCormick? Certainly not anyone who has yet entered the race officially.

Brad said...

If Terri is the only Libertarian in the race, why des'nt she run as a Libertarian?

Terri seems to be full of hreat little one liners, but no substance.

ConservativeOne said...

Wow Brad,

I agree with your comments, but use spell check!!

Terri is little on substance, but I love her one liners.

Anonymous said...

Amazing - Neoconservatives who don't like a 'woman' with values and ideas ... now that is a shock. These apes would rather spend 8 million dollars on a losing candidate than learn something ... 'THEY WERE WRONG - AND BACKED THE WRONG IDIOT' low HENERY AND COMPANY - GET OVER IT AND BETTER YET ... slink under your rock and go away

Dale said...

John Gard is not on the ballot this year. We have three candidates that have more integrity, honesty and a moral driven value system in their pinky than Terri has in her entire body.

I was a volunteer in her campaign, donated money to her and learned how truly mean spirited she really is.

She has fired her local staff and hired a team from outside the district. She can't fund raise in the district so she uses money bombs and then lists the donors as "anonymous" on her FEC report to hide her outsider money and collaborates with outside groups to run attacks on her primary opponents.

Those are her values.

Worst $150.00 investiment I ever made.