Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The MPS Teacher Bailout

The Milkwaukee school board offered to avoid layoffs if it could spend less on healthcare by requiring co-pays of its employees—a healthcare cost with which virtually everyone in the private sector is familiar. But the union refused. Moore asks, Why did the union prefer to let hundreds of its members get laid off instead of accepting a compromise?

The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association was immovable on benefits in part because it placed a bet on its Democratic friends in Washington rushing to the rescue. “The problem must be addressed with a national solution, a federal stimulus package that will restore educator positions,” Pat Omar, the union’s executive director said in June. The union’s strategy in recent weeks has been to stage rallies demanding a federal bailout, and it used hundreds of school kids at those rallies as political props.

As with many things, what started in California is moving inextricably eastward.

That's Kelly Jane Torrance on the @TAC blog. The post also cites figures that puts total compensation, wages plus benefits, at about $100,000.

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