Monday, July 26, 2010

Politicians Caught Politicking

Capper posts a video from DPW taking Scott Walker to task for spending the weekend campaigning around the state while Milwaukee is recovering from record setting rainfall. Meanwhile, the video shows Milwaukee Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Tom Barrett featured on the local news visiting neighborhoods that had been affected by the storm.

Apparently, the video is intended to show that Barrett was on the job while Walker wasn't. I hate it to break it to the DPW, but Barrett's visit could just as easily be seen as taking advantage of a bad situation to do some political grandstanding. During a campaign, everything candidates do is seen through the lens of politics. People should be neither surprised or upset by Walker campaigning or Barrett getting attention in the press after a disaster.

We have a political system for choosing leadership, which means that a lot of time and energy will be spent campaigning. While this system certainly seems rotten at times, it is no doubt better than all the others. Does anybody really think what this country needs is a good military junta? I didn't think so.

Both sides of the political debate make these accusations (remember the President campaigning for Barbara "Don't call me Ma'am" Boxer during the oil spill?) but people really shouldn't pay any attention. Save your indignation for something that matters. Playing politics just goes with the territory.


capper said...

Your argument might have had more merit except for a few facts.

One, unlike the BP oil spill, the flood was immediate and needed attention within hours, not days. Because of the delay from Walker's administration, there is now a delay in getting federal aid.

Two, the flood had at least on fatality, not to mention locally unprecedented amounts of damage. This makes Walker's decision that much tackier.

Three, the issues around the flood was not the only incidents this weekend. There was the wall board at the airport falling, hitting a young man in the head. This happened on Saturday. Walker responded by going to a polka.

As much as you might feel it makes no difference, the decision making by Walker leaves a lot to be desired.

Jeremy R. Shown said...


I get your drift, but I am simply not convinced. Shouting politics! whenever someone campaigns might score rhetorical points, but it's not a substantive critique in my mind.

If tackiness is the standard, then we've all got a lot to answer for. I assume you would agreee then, with attacks on the President that have come from the right regarding his golf-playing during the ongoing oil spill.

capper said...


Timing is everything. Obama didn't go golfing or to fundraisers until well after the Deepwater Horizon exploded and started leaking.

Walker's behavior more closely mimicked Bush's failure on Katrina. Even if there was nothing Walker could do personally, it was still a really bad PR move.

D said...

Pfff... delay in getting *federal* aid?

We are to the point where a rainstorm requires federal aid? No. The local government and those affected need to cover their costs. Enough is enough with the whole stealing from Texans because the Milwaukee area is too corrupt to keep legitimate finances.

Besides, federal aid is the height of unconstitutional, irresponsible, moral hazard.
Please take the time to read the timeless classic: "Not Yours to Give" by the great Davey Crockett.