Friday, July 16, 2010

Scott Walker Bloggers Still Don't Get It

I don't know much about how to increase traffic on a blog, but I do know a little something about content. This comes from not only writing this blog, but also reading quite a few blog posts on a daily basis. So it is with some authority when I say that the Scott Walker supporters who engage in blogging, both officially and unofficially, simply don't get it.

First, it was that ridiculous Scott for Gov blog, which has mercifully been shuttered. Then it was the investigation of liberal blogger and Walker-hater Capper, which, at this point, seems to have back-fired.

Now we have the official 'Team Tosa' blog. Based on what I've heard from Walker, he seems to realize that the governor is actually responsible for the whole state, not just Wauwatosa. This is a notion that is apparently lost on whomever came up with the name for the blog. Not only that, but look how they introduce it:
We hope to share with you what we, as staffers, volunteers, and supporters, are thinking, reading, and experiencing inside Scott Walker HQ in WauwaTOSA.
Got that? They don't think those of us up here in da nort' will get that Tosa is short for Wauwatosa, so they had to capitalize it. Gee, thanks. (Side note: I call dibs on the Stallis in Wonderland blog.)

One of their first posts was from Aaron Rodriguez. Arod apparently wasn't satisfied with just posting at Team Tosa. He spent a couple of days leaving ridiculous comments at Fairly Conservative, and has now taken to his own blog to denounce Cindy Kilkenny.

The only problem is, Arod can't figure out if he'd rather score points on Kilkenny or help Walker get elected. The result is a muddled mess that accomplishes neither.

Look Arod, if you want to take on Cindy, go ahead. She can stick up for herself, besides, Rule #4 says you should make some enemies. But this kind of blogging is about generating traffic, not getting your preferred candidate elected. For the record, accusing a blogger of bias isn't very effective. Blogs are supposed to be biased. Anyone who's read FC for even a short time knows that Cindy's passion is for fact-based opinions, so accusations of bias simply aren't going to get you very far.

If, on the other hand, your intention is to help Walker in his bid for governor, then I suggest you respond in a different way. Don't save your substantive response for the fourth graf. No one is interested in your serious argument following three paragraphs of character assassination.

Don't despair Arod, all is not lost. Recent polling shows that a lot of people haven't started paying attention to the governor's race. Even more important is the fact that a lot of people don't read blogs. My advice to you is that you should fight fire with fire.

When Capper writes a post like this, then respond in a substantive way. If I didn't read Capper regularly, I wouldn't know that he has a Walker fixation just this side of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction and this post could seem convincing. When, on the other hand, Capper lets his Walker derangement syndrome show, then respond in-kind.

While we are at it, the Walker camp should really tell Jim Klauser to stop writing open letters. The last politically connected guys that wanted their money back all work for Goldman Sachs, and in case the Walker camp hasn't hear, the TARP remains really unpopular.

In the end, I don't think Cindy Kilkenny needs me to stick up for her, but it seems like Scott Walker does. The ironic part is that it's from his supporters, not his opponents, that Walker is in most need of protection.


Cindy Kilkenny said...

I've been denounced! This is the first time ever.

I'm so proud. Guess I better go read it.

capper said...

If you read further back, you would understand why I have my "Walker Derangement Syndrome."

That said, I don't know who deserves the more sympathy. Walker for having such unhinged supporters, or his supporters, like Rodriguez, who feel it necessary to debase themselves in an effort to justify the unjustifiable.

Then again, it does go to explain the old adage about birds of a feather.

Tom McMahon said...

Cindy, the first time you get denounced, that's your Blog Mitzvah.

John Foust said...

De-nounced? I thought that was the bris.

Anonymous said...

Capper calling other bloggers unhinged?

Now that's good humor.