Saturday, July 10, 2010

Securing the Border

The American Conservative » Non-Dueling Studies On Immigration
1. Enforcement works. Pay no heed to those who say that you can’t enforce immigration restrictions. “If an ‘enforcement-only’ strategy is fully implemented,” says AIC’s study, “it would effectively eliminate the undocumented workforce.” According to AIC, the risk is not that enforcement would never work but that (in its view) it would work all to well. Indeed, it would “effectively eliminate” the problem of illegal immigration.
That's from a study by The American Immigration Council (AIC), a pro-immigration group! There's more at the link, such as:
Not only does AIC not mind swelling the ranks of the lowest classes, but it sees doing so as an economic imperative. Goodbye democracy, hello caste system! It now falls to “conservatives,” whose tradition is replete with annoying paeans to inequality and aristocracy, to defend equality of condition.

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