Saturday, July 17, 2010

Terri McCormick bashes bloggers in 'All Right Magazine' interview... - THE Party of KNOW

It couldn't possibly be that people don't like her because they've read her book, could it? In the spirit of full disclosure I was a paid consultant to John Gard's campaign in 2006, but the reason I don't like Terri is because of my personal interaction with her, not because of what happened back then. Get over it, Terri -- I'm not the one who can't even mention Gard's name in my book...

And these endorsements? I'd like to know once and for all if Aaron Biterman of the Republican Liberty Caucus is on the McCormick for Congress payroll. If so, I guess that endorsement wouldn't mean much. Can't comment on Terry Kohler, but the Wisconsin Conservative Digest gets no website traffic whatsoever. These endorsements are as effective as saying you're a 'Truman Scholar nominee', a statement the campaign has dropped since I discussed it on this blog...

My advice to McCormick is to forget 2006, but it sure seems to come up over and over again.

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AJ said...

Terri is a Truman scholar nomineee. See

Your smear tactics continue to fail the people of northeast Wisconsin.

Michael S. Murphy said...

As Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin, I can assure you that Terri's endorsement was done with the highest integrity and agreed upon by our entire Board of Directors, of which, Aaron Biterman is not one of them. Mr. Biterman happens to be the Vice Chair of the National RLC Organization and has very little say in who we, as a State Chapter, choose to endorse. Let it be known that no current standing member of the RLC-WI Board of Directors is on any "payroll" connected to Ms. McCormick's Campaign. To suggest otherwise is a down right lie.

The RLC-WI feels that Terri McCormick is of the highest caliber. We see Terri McCormick as a candidate who will champion our cause of Limiting Government, Upholding Individual Freedoms, and Maintaining a Free Market System. She is a Liberty candidate far above the so-called "Conservative" candidates in her race; one's who are cloaked in special interests and saddled up with Big Government agendas.

For this author to slant her in any other way is simply vindictive and insulting to not only Terri McCormick, but to all those who have chosen to support her in her quest to represent all the people of the entire 8th Congressional District.

Yours in Liberty,

Michael S. Murphy
The Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

"cloaked in special interests"

Maybe the McCormick Campaign can explain $60,000 plus in donations form donors from the Las Vegas, NV area.

Is that the Republican Liberty Caucus at work?

BTW Mr. Murphy, if your group's little YouTube clips attacking Terri's opponents is any indication of the credibility of the RLC is shows how low you will go.