Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fox Valley Initiative Endorses Reid Ribble for Wisconsin 8th

Reid Ribble is a fine example of the citizen representative compelled to run for office by the recklessness and arrogance of entrenched politicians. He has spent his life to this point in the private sector as an entrepreneur and a volunteer in the community. Ribble has led his roofing company to growth, success, and financial stability and has been selected by his peers to represent them as President of the National Roofing Contractors Association and President of the Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress. Ribble’s volunteerism includes serving as Varsity Volleyball coach at Appleton East High School for over twenty years, Director at WEMI radio, Director and Chairman of the Board of Life Promotions, and serving on the corporate Board of Directors for the Fox Valley YMCA.

Throughout the vetting process Ribble has proven to be a thoughtful and well read candidate. He is a fervent supporter of state’s rights, the 10th Amendment, and the Constitution as a whole. As such, he supports passage of the Enumerated Powers Act which would require all laws passed by Congress to meet Constitutional requirements.  As a successful businessman, Ribble knows what it takes to create jobs in the private sector and how to eliminate the government interference currently hindering the free-market with overregulation and high taxes. He supports a repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also known as “Obamacare” and proposes replacing it with sound reforms such as competition across state lines, portable coverage, and a reduction of frivolous lawsuits.

For these reasons, the Fox Valley Initiative is proud to endorse Reid Ribble for the 8th Congressional District of Wisconsin.

There's been a fair amount of griping among GOP voters here in WI-8 about endorsements and money from outside the district. Some of it deserved and some of it not so deserved in my opinion. Regardless, this is a major endorsement by a serious organization, and I am sure they did not make this lightly. Conservatives and others concerned with responsible government should definitely take note.

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Voter said...

Is anyone surprised? The leadership has been in Ribble's camp long before some candidates announced. Stienike's campaign posters are hanging in Ribble HQ;s.

Their straw poll was a joke. The Ribble camp got a heads up from the organization and his campaign contacted all thier supports to sign up for the FVI so they could vote in the poll since it was only open to members.

Dale McNamee said...


On July 29th the National Defense PAC endorsed Roger Roth. The news was released and carried on many news websites such as

National Defense PAC Mission Statement:

"The National Defense Political Action Committee is dedicated to electing Military Veterans to the U. S. Congress who share the traditional American values of a limited fiscally responsible government, ensuring a strong national defense, protecting the rights/interests of service members, and our historic commitment to our Veterans."

Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey stated, “Roger Roth has NATIONAL DEFENSE PAC’s full support for election to the U.S. Congress. He served our country in the Air National Guard, putting himself on the line to defend our nation when called, and is committed to keeping the promises made to our veterans when they agreed to risk their lives to face America’s enemies. Roger is who we want in Congress making decisions that impact our military veterans and today’s young Americans serving in our Armed Forces. He, as an Iraq veteran, understands what it takes to train, fight and win. He also understands the importance of ensuring the decision to commit our military is right before we send our Nation’s most precious asset, our sons and daughters, into harm’s way.”

You post the FVI's and other endorsements of Reid Ribble's but you say nothing about other candidates endorsements. How many constituents (regardless of political party) of the 8th CD are veterans? Is this not a significant endorsement?

BTW, you published the results of the FVI's straw poll but didn't publish the results of the Northwoods Patriots straw poll which Roger Roth recieved over 20%more votes than either of the other two candidates.

I love your site, but I wish you that if your going to publish endorsements of one candidate, you do your best to post significant endorsements of all candidates.

Jon said...

I agree with Voter. FVI is a bit of sham and the ballot box was stuffed/fixed, just like the one for Physicians for Responsible government.

Next, lets be consistent with endorsements. Sure some of these McCormick endorsements are a joke but State Rep. Roger Roth has received some notable endorsements. Northwoods Patriots,National Defense PAC and Rep. John Nygren (spelling?)

Shifting back towards the FVI straw poll which determined the endorsement, no type of voter ID was done, so if you signed up on the FVI you could vote- meaning supporters/voters from out of the district could vote for their candidate. I have also taken the liberty to cut and paste some comments from the FVI straw poll along with a link if you would like to read more.

Other comments:
"I was at that forum too, and I can’t believe that anybody in their right mind would come out of it thinking that Ribble was the best candidate. First, he answered a question with “I don’t know.” And second, he insulted one of the other candidates and asked the moderator to give him a question that he was capable of answering.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t support a guy who “doesn’t know” the issues and can’t even be civil at a forum with fellow Republicans. There is too much at stake this election, and we need somebody who stands a chance against Kagen."


"Reid Ribble was the chairman of Roofpac in 2005-2006, the roofing contractors political action committee. Roofpac was pushing for a guest worker program during the Bush Administration as seen on the roofing contractos roodpac website. I have never heard Reid say anything about his position on the Guest Worker program that was proposed by the Bush Adminstration, but I would say there might be a connection between the subject of Immigration (guest worker program) and Reid Ribble as chairman of Roofpac. To be fair, I hope I get the chance to question Mr Ribble in person about that subject.

Personally, I dont support Mr Ribble, but if he should win the primary, we need to know if there are any skeletons in his closet. The last thing I want is for Steve Kagen to get re-elected because of an unforseen scandal.

(From RoofPac’s website) NRCA’s legislative agenda

With the new Democratic-controlled 110th Congress under way, following are some of the issues roofing contractors may face:

* Immigration reform: Will Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform that will create a guest-worker program, enable those here illegally to become documented and truly secure our borders?
* Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS/ICE): Will DHS/ICE pursue its proposed regulation to enforce how employers must respond to Social Security Administration “no-match” letters for employees?
* Contractor withholding tax: Will federal, state and local governments have to withhold 3 percent from contractors for their services beginning in 2011? And will that timetable be moved up by Congress?
* Permanent tax cuts: Will the estate or “death tax” revert to its previous, onerous levels in 2010 if new legislation is not enacted?"

Source: (

Jeremy R. Shown said...

Let me go on the record now and say that Roger Roth would make a great congressman and would represent a vast improvement over the current representation for the people of WI-8.

Keep in mind, I'm just a guy with a free blog and six kids. If I don't highlight something you shouldn't read too much into it. This blog always tries to be accurate, but it's not intended to be exhaustive.

Todd Lohenry said...

I don't find anything about who they are and who is involved on their site. Their Alexa rank indicates they have no traffic whatsoever; What makes these guys a 'serious organization', Jeremy?