Monday, August 9, 2010

Health care opposition group funds GOP challengers - Kasie Hunt -

“We’re looking for congressional candidates who will stand up and repeal Obamacare legislatively,” Dane told POLITICO in an interview.

Their first choice was Terri McCormick, a former Wisconsin state legislator who is running in the Republican primary to challenge Democratic Rep. Steve Kagen. The state’s 8th District spent nearly a decade in Republican hands before Kagen won in 2006. McCormick is considered the underdog in the primary: Roofer Reid Ribble holds the lead in fundraising and establishment support

That's Tony Dane of Las Vegas, speaking of his group PeopleV.US. This story is old news here in WI-8, but is now making national headlines.

For the most part, I would say the support for PeopleV.US has not been beneficial to McCormick considering the negative attention it has garnered her. Of course, I'm sure the campaign donations are helpful.

For the record, I think the Roth campaign might disagree with the line about Ribble having more establishment support.

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Dale said...

I guess if you define "party establishment" as 150 or so deep pocketed out of state roofing contractors, 25 rich doctors, Jim Steineke, Jo Engelhoff and John Gard you're right.

The Physicians For Responsible Government does not exist beyond an endorsement from a group who's "provisional members" donated over $8000 before the vote was taken by 40 people at the meeting and another 40 "proxy votes" brought by Ribble supporters in a room paid for by the Ribble campaign.

His other big endorsement is from the Fox Valley Initiative who's leadership has been in bed with the Ribble Campaign. The Northwoods Patriots, who have been far more active choose Roth by 20%points in thier straw poll.

Like Jon wrote in an earlier post. Roger Roth has the support of party officials, current and past elected party members all over the 8th CD and is drawing endorsements from national organizations as well.

Yesterday he picked up the endorsement of the Iraqi Vets for Congress. In numbers, how many Iraqi Vets are there is the 8th CD? Does that make them a significant group?

Jeremy R. Shown said...

Like I said Dale, I don't think Roth, nor his supporters, would agree with the line about establishment support.