Friday, August 20, 2010

Kagen Won't Campaign on His Record

Endangered Dems stay quiet on key votes - Jake Sherman -
Wisconsin Rep. Steve Kagen talks up tax cuts in campaign literature about creating jobs — but not about voting for the $787 billion recovery act.

Indiana Rep. Baron Hill has a lengthy explanation spelling out his support for the new health care law — but no boasting about his support for the sweeping cap-and-trade legislation. Instead, he calls for increased fuel standards and cracking down on oil speculators. And he calls attention to being branded one of the “most independent Democrats” in the House.

Kagen and Hill are just two examples of dozens of endangered House Democrats who are holding their party's agenda at arm’s length, declining to highlight their votes on some of the biggest accomplishments of the Democratic Congress as they campaign for reelection.

Instead of proudly promoting their votes on health care reform, the economic stimulus and financial reform, some rank-and-file Democrats in a growing number of tight races are cherry-picking bits and pieces of congressional history, hoping to accentuate the positives that play well back home, while leaving out — or flat out rejecting — the most unpopular parts of policies.
That's from Politico. Voters in WI-8 should keep this in mind as campaign season heats up.

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