Sunday, August 29, 2010

Recent Polling Calls

Thursday and again tonight we received polling calls.

Thursday was an automated poll. The disclosure indicated it was by National Opinion Surveys of Takoma Park, MD. The major questions were:
  • Did I plan to vote in the WI GOP primary
  • Who did I plan to vote for in the WI-8 race (Ribble, Roth, McCormick)
  • Favorable/Unfavorable on Ribble, Roth, McCormick
  • Am I currently, or have I been, a member of a labor union.
  • Is anyone in my household a current or former union member.
Tonight's call was a live person. Mrs. RWC took the call, and she didn't catch the name of the firm.

The questions covered WI Governor, Senate, and 8th CD races, but there were only two choices for each:
  • Governor - Barrett or Walker
  • Senate - Feingold or Johnson
  • WI-8 - Kagen or Roth
No mention of Mark Neumann, Dave Westlake, Reid Ribble or Terri McCormick at all.

I'm a bit baffled by polling, so I'm not sure what these limited choices demonstrate. Perhaps they are a clue to voter sentiment if these are the matchups that result from the primary.

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Dale said...

The Ribble camp just released a poll that indicated Reid leads Kagen by 10%, but he was the only candidate listed.

Terri released a poll conducted by Dana and Associates that says she beats Kagen and her primary opponents. But then again, I am weary of any polls conducted by a campaign, especially and automated one conducted by a shady character like Dane who is also Terri's fundraiser.