Monday, August 2, 2010

WI-8 GOP Now Down To Three

With Marc Savard's exit from the race today, three GOP candidates continue to campaign for the chance to take on Steve Kagen this fall (OK, if you're the Berry Laker, there are only two).

Roger Roth announced the recent opening of a campaign office in Green Bay.

Reid Ribble will be hosting a town hall meeting with gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann in Green Bay on Thursday.

Terri McCormick just announced the hiring of a new campaign manager. Will Johsnon is a former congressional candidate from Iowa's 1st CD.

Barring something truly unexpected, these three will be in a sprint between now and the September 14th primary.

Then on September 15th we'll see how just how fast the winner can really run.

Republicans, conservatives, and anybody who is unhappy with the representation Kagen has provided over the last four years shouldn't fool themselves into thinking defeating Kagen will be easy. It won't.

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