Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Depths of The Atlantic

Democrats Down in Wisconsin - Chris Good - Politics - The Atlantic
Democratic Rep. Steve Kagen may have dodged a bullet when Tea Partying roofing contractor Reid Ribble won the primary to challenge him, but a GOP poll by Virginia-based Ayres McHenry showed Ribble leading Kagen 49 - 39 percent in mid August.

That's from the online presence of venerable publication The Atlantic.

I'd chalk it up to an author that has no clue that this is a closely divided district in which very few Democrats are re-elected and three terms is unheard of, but even that's not enough in this case.

In this guy's mind Steve Kagen dodged a bullet by getting a general election opponent to whom he was recently trailing in the polls by 10 points.  I just don't see how such a pronouncement passes for good journalism.  As DeLong might say, why oh why can't we have a better press corp?

Regardless, I found this gem in the comments section of the post.  You never can tell the veracity of online comments, but this one certainly sounds like it could be true given the confirmed Kagen gaffes of the past.  Commenter jbeee managers to tackle Feingold and Doyle as well in a really small amount of space:
Well Kagen is an idiot. When he appeared at the school I work at he
promptly told the middle school students "this will show you I am not a
dumbass." Guess what, it just proved it. His commercials are horrible,
he has done nothing in Congress and deserves to be voted out.

has overstayed his welcome as well. After 18 years the only bill he
can hang his hat on has been struck down by the Supreme Court. His
first commercial was negative, and virtually every other commercial he
has run since has been an attack ad. The only one that isn't touts how
he can't get along with anyone else in Congress so he is a loner.

the Governor's race, this state has been run so poorly by the current
Democrat administration that folks are fed up. The biggest talking
point is a 800B high speed train set to go between Madison and
Milwaukee. There is no need for it, the Dem is for it the Republican
against it. If it goes in it will cost the various communities millions
(as an example one community will have to foot over 5M to build a train
station) not to mention how much it will cost state taxpayers to
subsidize it to keep it running. It is a boondoggle and the Dems really
should have known better.

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