Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jerry Bader on McCormick and WI-8

The Jerry Bader radio show on WTAQ included a segment today on the WI-8 race and Terri McCormick's comments about military service from last night's candidate forum. Bader quotes from my blog post on the topic extensively.

I wanted to highlight the segment not just for the self-promotional aspect (though that is nice) but for the last two minutes where Bader examines the current state of the race.

Basically Reid Ribble is a conservative businessman whose resume and abilities present the best chance to defeat Steve Kagen this fall. He has had some missteps in the campaign, so he is not a perfect candidate by any means (these seem to loom larger for Bader than they do for me personally, but the analysis is still correct). Roger Roth, on the other hand, is an exciting candidate who many primary voters might find more agreement with on an issue by issue basis. But there is a sense that this may not be Roth's time (Bader suggests he may be a "green banana").

I'd say this sums up pretty nicely the state of the dilemma for WI-8 voters.

You can listen to the segment here.


Anonymous said...

"Best chance" against Kagen is Roth as he has a record to run on, he has been consistent on immigration, lives in the district and has proven himself able to work with both parties to get things done. He doesnt listen to consultants when it comes to making his decisions. Bader mentioned the green banana... better to be near prime than soft on conservative values.

Overall, love your posts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent perspective Jeremy on the race. It really does come down to two and I think lots of folks will be in the same boat when it comes to the voting booth.

Dale said...

Our friend Berry Laker:
On the issues, he will repeal Obama Care, wants to ban earmarks, wants a balance budget amendment to stop the out of control spending. Right on immigration, 2nd amendment and energy. As a veteran he has served our country and will stand up for the people of the 8th district.
Roger may not have the blessing of the republican party right now but he stands for the average people of this district. Roth will get this economy back on track. He will make decisions to get jobs created, reduce big government and get Washington out of our hair. He a conservative that I can trust. But Berry Laker, he will not beat Kagen! Who says? He doesn't have a fancy web site, he needs work on his campaigning style? That may be true but he will represent me in Washington on getting this country back to the future all Americans are endowed.