Saturday, September 18, 2010

Letters: Feingold, Kagen aren't representatives | | Appleton Post Crescent

Mr. Kagen lied through his teeth when confronted with the fact that a substantial majority of voters were against the bill. He said with a straight face that it wasn't true in his district. Mr. Feingold said that he voted for it "reluctantly" because it wasn't as far left as he would like it to be.

Conspicuously absent from both of their advertising campaigns is any mention of those voting records. Why do you suppose that, on that subject, they're both hiding under their desks? The fact is they both voted to destroy the best health care system on earth, and they both voted to squander three-quarters of a trillion of our hard-earned dollars on the so-called stimulus bill, a total pork barrel failure.

That's Dick Zeihen writing to the PC. Be sure to check out the link for the whole letter.

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