Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Senator For President

Well guess who Intrade punters have listed tied with Palin behind Mitt Romney? Why it’s a random Senator from South Dakota with a very square jaw, no record of accomplishments, and the ability to wrack up a monotonic record of orthodox conservative Republicanism without having said anything newsmakingly insane.

That's liberal blogger Matt Yglesias with a rather dismissive take on South Dakota Senator John Thune, who is occasionally mentioned as a possible 2012 GOP presidential nominee.

Yglesias is one of the most shapr-witted bloggers out there, but his rhetoric here fails utterly. The whole time I was reading his description of Thune, all I could think was that if just changed a few words with regards to political leanings, he could have been describing Barack Obama prior to November of 2008.

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