Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Shortcut To Serfdom

This is a severely abridged sampling of the manifold ways our civil liberties are under attack. The War on Drugs and The War on Terrorism are the biggest culprits. Unfortunately, the Republican Party — the one that is always fretting about lost liberty — generally lends law enforcement and anti-terrorism efforts their blind support, and appoints too many judges who do the same. As you can see in the quote that begins this piece, it’s thought-leaders go so far as to assert that these issues are less worrisome attacks on liberty than President Obama’s domestic agenda.

I regard the actual, ongoing abrogation of civil liberties in America as the clearer, more present danger, as compared to the unintended consequences of “smooth-talking politicians offering seemingly innocuous compromises.” Indeed, these issues seem to me unsurpassed in their importance.

That's Conor Freidersdor writing at Forbes.

I too am worried about the coercive power of Obamacare. At the same time, I'm frightened by the increase in the power of the Executive Branch.

How come many of us on the right are willing to speak out against one and not the other?

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D said...

Very simple, Jeremy.

In the mid 50's the Republican Party transformed from the free market, non-interventionist party to the hyper nationalist, hyperinterventionist party. There always needs to be a bogeyman, and nowadays we have two: Anyone who lives an unapproved, unvanilla lifestyle and anyone who disapproves of American foreign policy.

Think about this:

How many people are rightly fraught with anger about the loss of liberty in ObamaCare, and at the SAME TIME believe it is the 'right' of our government to control ENTIRE foreign governments and lands?

Out of sight, out of mind.