Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steve Kagen Doesn't Listen to his Constituents


A few weeks ago we received letters that our insurance will be canceled at the end of the year. So much for being able to keep your insurance if you like it. Last week we received an e-mail from Congressman Kagen thanking us for our support of the plan. Do any of the politicians really even read their mail? Do they really want any input at all? Makes you wonder.

Dolly Jonas

That's from a letter to the Press Gazette.
The question of whether or not Steve Kagen listens to his constituents comes up over and over again.  Ms. Jonas raises it in this letter.  I heard it loud and clear at the listening sessions last summer.  It was a concern both on health reform and (especially?) on Cap and Trade.  If Kagen makes any effort to combat the perception that he is hopelessly out of touch with the people of NE Wisconsin, they don't seem to be having much of an effect.

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YLW said...

He definitely does NOT listen to his constituents.

I sent his office an email about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in January '09 (I was very strongly against it). His reply back to me was along the lines of... thanks for writing and he was happy to report he voted for it.

Apparently the person who read my email was an idiot or they just didn't care what I thought... or both.

D said...

This problem will exist regardless of who is in office.

Each Rep 'serves' about 700,000 people. Unless we are going to pay an army to respond to the specific questions of constituents, this will always be the case.

That is, if we are considering representatives to actually be representatives in any legal capacity.

A rep cannot legally be a rep unless they are held accountable for their actions on behalf of a contractee. There is no contract between the rep and his constituents. This is especially true of people who did not vote for said person.

Kagen is not legally my representative any more than anyone else, as I have not agreed to any such representation.