Tuesday, October 12, 2010

AFSCME Giveth and the DCCC Taketh Away

In the race for WI-8, the players lining up behind vulnerable incumbent Steve Kagen are changing fast. First, the DCCC is cutting back on it's support:

DCCC Throws in Towel on 4 Races It Thought It Could Win
The DCCC also cut its ad spending for Arizona Rep. Harry Mitchell and Wisconsin Rep. Steve Kagen, who look like they’re going down, too.
But a major labor group is stepping in to the gap:

AFSCME Invests Big in Wisconsin House Race - The Center for Public Integrity
AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees labor union, is spending a whopping $750,000 on a 30-second ad in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District race — more than either candidate has spent since the start of the 2010 campaign cycle, according to AFSCME filings with the Federal Election Commission.
The next time someone on the left starts whining about Citizens United, please remind them that here in the 8th, AFSCME is outspending the candidates themselves.

If you happen to be a voter in WI-8, you might want to ask yourself why AFSCME thinks enough of Kagen to spend this kind of money here.  If re-elected, would Kagen be beholden to AFSCME?

My advice to the Ribble camp, between now and November don't believe for even a minute that you have the election wrapped up.  Kagen still has a dedicated group of supporters that will make this election tough regardless of the national political mood.


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american federation of state communist municipal employees.

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