Saturday, October 16, 2010

Steve Kagen - Accusations of Dishonesty

"Dishonest" is a word that comes up in many of the responses to Steve Kagen's attack ads.  Here are two recent recent examples.  First from The Weekly Standard:

In Wisconsin, Congressman Steve Kagen Runs on Dishonesty
John McCormack highlights three Wisconsin House races that are ripe for a Democrat-to-Republican flip. In WI-08, Republican Reid Ribble is challenging Democrat Steve Kagen, a doctor whose most notable moment in Washington came when he seems to have invented a confrontation in a White House bathroom with Karl Rove.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board, known for its liberalism, said at the time that it was hard to know what parts of the story were true because Kagen “apparently was making much of it up.” The paper said the incident raised questions about Kagen’s “judgment and maturity.”

Kagen also raised eyebrows by saying that he was running on “Injun time” during his campaign, something that would have caused a national outcry if it had come from a Republican. But Kagen got a pass.

And this from The Underground Conservative:

The Dishonest Dr. Millionaire

In other words, Kagen’s people are so incompetent they can’t even use a still of the correct article from the newspaper, plus they are so dishonest they can’t even reference the material honestly.

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