Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brief Thoughts on the Edmund Fitzgerald

With the mild weather we had today, it's hard to believe that 35 years ago today the Edmund Fitzgerald sank on Lake Superior in the midst of a gale.

This anniversary serves as a good reminder that many people put their lives on the line through the simple act of going to work. While this is clear to everyone of our military, police, and fire personnel, there are great many other occupations that present real risk to life and limb.

It's also a reminder of the awesome power of nature. Amidst all of our technological advances and modern conveniences, we need to be reminded of this now and then.

On a personal note, I consider myself lucky to have lived in two of the most unique environments on the planet. I grew up in the Sonoran desert of the Southwest, and now call the Great Lakes region my home. For those of you who grew up near the lakes and have a tendency to take them for granted, let this be a reminder of just how special they are.

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