Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Excessive Celebration Here

This entire election season I haven't hesitated to share my opinion about the candidates and issues, not only here on the blog, but in real life too.

The result of this is that many people knew I was a strong supporter of Reid Ribble and the other GOP candidates. This meant that today I was peppered with questions like, "you must be happy," "how late did you stay up celebrating," and, "go ahead and gloat."

But like I told somebody at work today, the election victory is the beginning, not the end.

While yesterday means we removed a bunch of people from office with whom I clearly disagreed, their replacements, at this point at least, are a set of fresh faces and promises to do the right thing, though not much else. That means all of the hard work is ahead, not behind, us.

With yesterday's vote we didn't do any of the following: Reduce the national debt, simplify the tax code, reduce unemployment, ease the regulatory burden on small business, increase certainty about the future role of government, end the war in Afghanistan, end the massive U.S. military presence in Iraq, or take action on any of the other important issues facing this country.

All of that remains to be done. Are the new batch of legislators, new and old, up to the task? I hope so, but that is very much an open question.


Dale said...

Really?? You were a big supporter of Reid Ribble's? Never would have guessed.

I though you were an objective voice of conservatism.

Yes Jerry...that was sarcasm.

Douglas McCloud said...

Yes, your guy won!