Monday, December 20, 2010

Red WI vs. Blue WI

Steve Prestegard:

Marketplace of Ideas Blog - Wisconsin vs. the Madison–Milwaukee Axis
The “great unwashed outstate,” by the way, is most of Wisconsin. The state has about 5.6 million people, the Milwaukee metropolitan area has about 2 million people, and the Madison area has about 500,000 people. That leaves about 3 million people who live in neither metro Madison nor metro Milwaukee — people who put in more than a day’s work for a day’s pay, own or work in businesses that provide products and services for their customers, pay far too much in taxes, get involved in their children’s schools, go to church, hunt and fish, do not automatically gravitate to the newest pop culture stupidity, and do not have municipal governments with their own foreign policy. Nor do they wish the places they live to emulate New York or Chicago, or even Milwaukee or Madison.
The entire piece is excellent throughout. The divide between Madison/Milwaukee and the rest of the state is an important one. I sometimes wonder if the Fox Valley will look more like those two areas as it grows or will it serve as a counter-weight to them.

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